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US Visa Processing Simplified for Indians

US embassy announces simpler visa processing measures

us visa for indians7 September, 2012: Indians planning to visit the US will now have the benefit of simpler procedures for paying the visa fees and scheduling appointments from 26 September this year.


As per the new rules/procedures:

  • US visa applicants from India can now pay application fees through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), through mobile phones, or in cash at any one of the around 1800 Axis Bank branches.
  • Appointments for visa interviews or for biometrics collection can be scheduled online by logging on to www.ustraveldocs.com/in or over the phone. The new website is available in English and Hindi and has detailed information about applying for a US visa.
  • Within one hour of paying the application fees, applicants will receive a text message about the activation of their fee receipt, after which they can go ahead and schedule their appointment.
  • Passports, visas, and other documents will be delivered to 33 document pick-up locations across India within one week at any of the locations chosen by the applicant at no extra charge. Applicants will also receive notifications through SMS or email once their documents are ready to be picked up.
  • First time US visa applicants from India will now have to schedule two appointments on two different days- one for fingerprints and photo collection at an Offsite Facilitation Centre (OFC) and one for the visa interview.
  • All visa-related queries can be answered in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Tamil via phone (91-120- 660-2222, 91-22-6720-9400 in India and 1-310-616-5424 in the US) between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday and between 9 am and 6 pm on Sunday. Indian applicants can also send an email in English or Hindi to support-india@ustraveldocs.com, or they can chat directly from the website (www.ustraveldocs.com/in) during call centre hours.

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  1. I have received an appointment letter from M/s.Bechtel corporation in Washington. I do not know if it is genuine.
    They are asking me to contact this e-mail ID -nav@mumbai-stategov.info of the USAID mission Director, Mr.William Hammink.
    Could you check if the E-mail ID is linked to the Mumbai Consulate address?
    He is also asking for E-payment of Rs.25000/-

    I stay in Kochi. But when I checked at the Kochi visa office I did not get a clear reply.

    • The US Consulate entertains such queries only from the person concerned. So call the US consulate Mumbai office or the VFS office directly about this.

  2. Mr. Kuriakose, the email which you received may be a scam. And if you have not applied for a job and you get an offer for the same, then BE AWARE it is definitely (100%) a scam.

  3. I’ve received the same appointment letter from the company named ENERGEN, asking me to pay the visa processing fees of 25,000. Ive received an email from nav@mumbai-stategovt.info. just like the one received by Kuriakose. If anyone can guide me or shed some more light on this, please feel free to contact me on 9898396872 or mah.pandya@gmail.com

  4. A month ago I had applied for a job in Energen Company through the shine.com general application form after which I received an interview form. After submitting this form I received a contract agreement letter and appointment letter. In my appointment letter I was asked to apply to id -nav@mumbai-stategov.info for the visa process and the company demanded a visa processing fee from me.
    Can you tell me if this process is fake or genuine?

    • The US visa processing fee has to be paid through an online process after filling out the visa application form on the US Consulate website. Do not pay money to anyone else. In your case, it appears like this is some scam for extracting money from unsuspecting and vulnerable individuals in search of a job overseas.

  5. I have also received an e-mail in the name of PATRICK ENGINEERING through a client of shine.com.

    I cross checked with the VISA authorities. I was told there is no such procedure under which somebody else can pay VISA fees on your behalf. Moreover the visa fees were actually Rs 12500 and not Rs 25000 as asked in the mail.

    Please create awareness about these scam mails.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us for the benefit of other readers. And congratulations for not being fooled into paying such crooks who operate under fake names and fake company identities.

  6. I was late in reading your other replies. Unfortunately I haev paid 25000/- to the so-called public affairs officer of the US Consulate, Mumbai, Mr. Philip Roskamp.
    Actually I did cross-check on the US Consulate web site about the public affairs officer. So I trusted the email and just paid the money into the said account. The
    account name: sukan sawal

    Please guide me about what I should do to get my money back.
    I am not so rich, and I had to borrow money from my colleagues.

    • Please see my reply to CS (Chandramani).
      You should contact the US Consulate via the email address they have given for Criminal Activity. You also need to make a police complaint giving all details of the account into which you deposited the money.

  7. I had applied for a job through shine.com to Patrick Engineering and I received this e-mail for fast visa application as I was assigned a job at their office.
    Please tell me if this is true or a fraud.
    The address of the office was given as:
    Corporate Head Office, 4970 Varsity Drive, Lisle, Illinois 60532
    Chicago United States
    +1 312 380 0166
    The contact person’s name was given as Mr. Darla Bundy, Vice President
    Human Resources & Center Administration
    Today I received a call from this person from the given number.
    This email was received from: nav@mumbai-stategovt.info on 01.04.2014

    US Embassy Mumbai
    Consular Section

    C-49, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East Mumbai,
    MH 400051, India.

    Attn: Chandramani Singh,

    Thanks for contacting US Embassy Mumbai. A visa petition was filed by Patrick Engineering with Labor Condition Application (LCA/ ETA Form 9035E/ 9035, Petioner Income Tax Return report, all supporting documents as filed to USICS and Employment Contact or letter of agreement signed by you and the petitioner). As enlisted on the file received from them, you were provided with an Appointment to resume duty on urgent notice. Kindly fill the visa application form enclosed in this mail with pen and return them vie e-mail to me. I shall inform you if there is any other documents you are to provide.

    However, before processing your visa application, you should…………. etc.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Philip Roskamp

    • Chandramani, this is an out and out scam.
      If you receive a job offer without a face-to-face interview but only through an email interview (given excuses that there are too many candidates that is why we are conducting just email interviews, etc.)you can be sure IT’S A SCAM.
      If you have to pay advance money for “visa processing” to anyone, IT’S A SCAM.
      Don’t go by phone calls from abroad. These are either cheaply bought forwarding numbers that give the impression the call is from overseas, or they’re the numbers of scamsters who have NO COMPANY AND NO JOBS to offer.
      For details about such job scams and fake numbers, please check this link:
      Also, I googled the number of that company and found this has been reported by others as a scam number (a number used by a scamster.)
      Your job offer email (which I had to cut short to save space) is FULL of grammatical errors. If you receive a letter like this with dozens of errors and which is supposed to have been sent from a company in the US, or UK, then IT’S A SCAM.
      Finally, here’s what the US Consulate has put on their website regarding contacting them about such scams:

      Visa Fraud
      Please inform us if you have information about obtaining visas by fraud. Be as specific as possible. All information provided will be kept confidential. Email: mumbaif@state.gov
      Criminal Activity
      To report a criminal activity related to US visa or passport fraud, document fraud/document vendors or human trafficking, please email us at mumbai_visa_fraud@state.gov
      Confidentiality guaranteed.

      So do write to them and forward the entire scam email to them.
      Hence forward, think smart and don’t be fooled by such fake job offers. Jobs abroad are not that easy to get.

  8. I received a call from the number ” 00912226724000 ” from Mr. Philip Roskamp saying that he applied for our visa, and we have to pay Rs 25000 for the expenses. I checked the address and number on google and felt it is genuine. Can you please advice? His mobile number is 0091 – 9819752461. Why hasn’t my earlier email about this been answered?

    • That was only someone faking the identity of a Mr. Roskamp. Write about your experience to the US Consulate and contact the police as well.
      Like we have mentioned several times earlier, we receive too many emails each day about scores of topics. But we can’t answer more than a few each week. I’m sure most readers understand that answering every query on a website is impossible, and that therefore a large number of the questions have to go unanswered. We request our readers to first go through answers to earlier posts and only if your query is totally different and if you don’t have half a dozen questions to ask, then please go ahead and query us. And we’ll be happy to consider your request for guidance/clarification. If your query is complex, there are lots of travel experts/consultants available in every town or city. As mentioned before, our number for consultation is 022-66355555.

  9. Dear Friends

    I also received a mail from Patrick Engineering.
    1st round: Interview questions and other details.
    2nd round: Agreement letter
    3rd round: Appointment letter and visa requirements, etc.

    I searched the company website. Their Email and contact no. are not the same.
    I have complained to the police and sent the mail to the US embassy.

    • Congratulations for doing the right thing Ravindar, for escaping from the clutches of such crooks, and by contacting the right authorities also helping to save others from becoming victims.

  10. I also received the same mail from Darla Bundy.
    Same story as Chandramani. Thanks for the comments Veena.

  11. sir,
    I have received an appointment letter from abm laboratories lnc.
    san jose,california
    And they were asking me to contact at this
    Diplomat james simon morison
    m.n.-+91 9970550575
    They also asking for pay Rs. 33,000
    could check that all details and informations is correct or not.
    And sir, please kindly inform me.

  12. sir,
    I have received an appointment letter from abm laboratories lnc.
    san jose,california
    And they were asking me to contact at this
    Diplomat james simon morison
    m.n.-+91 9970550575
    They also asking for pay Rs. 33,000
    could check that all details and informations is correct or not.
    And sir, please kindly inform me.

    • Deepak, these are not genuine employers. They are fake companies and the officer they are asking you to contact is also a fake. Please refer to earlier replies in the last 2-3 years regarding such fake job offers and visas.

  13. Request you to check the authenticity of this letter, especially since it mentions the US Embassy in India.

    Ferret pharmaceuticals
    54 East 29th Street
    New York, NY. 10022
    +1 646-8789010
    E-mail: -info@ferretpharmaceutical.com
    Website: http://www.ferretpharmaceutical.com

    Dear Job Seeker,

    Ferret pharmaceuticals Inc has received your resume for the ongoing recruitment exercise of this season and we have found interest in it, based on your qualification/experience in the said field.
    We request you to kindly find the attached Job Application Form and Interview Form which are attached to this mail. We request you to printout the forms in a sheet of paper fill the forms with pen and scan it back immediately to the management through this Email: vacancies@ferretpharmaceutical.com which you have received this message from.
    Kindly attach the scan copies of your International Passport, College/School Certificates and Passport Size Photograph too.
    This recruitment ends very soon so we request you to get this forms filled as soon as you receive this massage then send it back with all other required documents. We understand that you are coming from a foreign country applying for job here in New York USA, Provided you are finally selected to work with this company we will apply for your visa and any other traveling documents on your behalf by having a solid agreement with American High Commission in your country to issue your visa without any delay or denial and we will direct you to the person in charge to help you out,

    You will be responsible for the payment of your visa charges/expenses over there in your country, however, All your expenses spent on the visa processing shall be refunded back to you immediately on joining. We will be responsible for booking your flight ticket free from your country down to New York and provide you a free accommodation.

    HR Manager,
    Mr. Steve Ramsey.

    • It’s surprising how educated people fall for such fraudulent job offers. This ‘letter’ has red flags screaming ‘fraud’ all over it. Take note of the numerous grammatical errors at least. This is a FAKE COMPANY AND A FAKE JOB OFFER. Once you pay them for what they say are ‘visa charges/expenses’, which they promise will be refunded, there will be no free ticket, no job, and no free accommodation.

  14. I also fell into the trap of a fraudulent company – Ferret Pharmaceutical. I got a similar mail and sent scanned copies of all my documents and passport. Now I’m scared about whether I’ll face any problems regarding my documents.

    • Well, as long you didn’t submit any original documents you have nothing to fear. And you’re lucky you didn’t lose any money by paying these fraudsters.

  15. I too have a received a letter of appointment from:
    Ferret Pharmaceuticals
    54 East 29th Street
    New York, NY. 10022
    +1 646-8789010
    E-mail: -info@ferretpharmaceutical.com
    Website: http://www.ferretpharmaceutical.com
    The letter began with “Dear staff”, and went on to say that “diplomatic personnel has been appointed in the U.S consulate affairs to be in charge of your visa processing”. I was told to pay whatever amount this person asked and that after I pay the amount a free ticket to the US will be provided to me, and that this amount I pay for processing my visa will be reimbursed later after I join the company. The letter also said: “Get in contact with the appointed diplomat as soon as you receive this letter because you have a limited time to get your traveling documents ready as you are expected to resume here in office within Five weeks of receiving this letter.”
    The diplomat’s details were given as follows:
    His Name: Senior Diplomat Wright Philips.
    Phone No: +91-7507680383
    Email ID: visavfswrightphilips@usa.com
    The email appointment letter was signed by:
    HR Manager.
    Mr. Steve Ramsey.
    Please also see this company’s recruitment email that I have sent you.
    Is this offer genuine? Should I go further with this?

      Please share the emails you have received from this person Steve Ramsey (obviously a fake name) with the nearest US consulate.