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The Role of Trade Fairs Part I

Business development opportunity

trade fair indiaIn today’s competitive environment, visiting or participating in trade fairs and exhibitions is becoming increasingly necessary to keep abreast of new developments, technological innovations and to establish contacts in countries where one intends doing business. Trade fairs in India and across the world also offer participants and visitors the chance to make face to face contact with the people at the helm of affairs in different companies whom they might not have been able to touch base with otherwise.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

To understand how trade fairs and exhibitions provide opportunities for business development let’s look at the story of Mr. Sharma who had inherited a small plastics manufacturing unit from his father.

Mr. Sharma realised that the innovations and advances in the field of plastic manufacturing were manifold and that the quickest and best way he could keep abreast of these would be to zero in on a trade fair that was specific to his industry. Such a venue would have all the points of contact he would require to upgrade his business – and all under one roof.

And so, at the first trade fair he attended in India, Mr. Sharma placed an order for some new machinery, which boosted his production. The next year, he set up a stall at the same exhibition and got enough orders to warrant an upgradation in production. The year after, he visited an international trade event, as a visitor. Seeing the latest machinery available, and the processes being implemented in compliance with international regulations and requirements, he decided to do the same with his production centre back in India. Soon, Mr. Sharma was visiting international trade exhibitions, not just as a visitor but also as a participant. He began to look at trade fairs as a means of getting international bulk orders to boost his production capacity. The result? In the span of a few years, Mr. Sharma’s business expanded by leaps and bounds.

Types of trade fairs

Today there are trade shows and fairs across every industry from Jewellery to Books, and from Media to Construction and Clothing held in centres across the world. Some places like Berlin have become dedicated trade fair centres, and boost their local economies through trade fair tourism. Some other types of trade fairs are almost places of pilgrimage for people within the trade, like BaselWorld, MesseFrankfurt and JCK.

Some trade fairs are located within a single city, and return to the same location on an annual basis, while others rotate their location between various cities. While some trade fairs are open to the public, others can only be attended by company representatives or members of the trade, apart from members of the press. This classifies tradeshows into Public or Trade Only. Trade Fairs in India have become the norm in various industries, with the average tradeshow being open to the public as well.

Trade Fairs in India

Some of the upcoming trade fairs in India include:
Exporail India
Date: 5-Apr-2012 To 27-Apr-2012
Venue: Pragati Maidan , New Delhi

ACMEE – International Machine Tools and Auto Components Exhibition
Date: 14-Jun-2012 To 18-Jun-2012
Venue: Chennai Trade Centre

India Foodex
Date: 25-Aug-2012 To 27-Aug-2012
Venue: Palace Grounds , Bengaluru

India International Travel Mart-Mumbai
Date: 14-Sep-2012 To 16-Sep-2012
Venue: MMRDA Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

India Chem – Mumbai
Date: 04-Oct-2012 To 06-Oct-2012
Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

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