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Shopping in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – A great place for shopping

Read on for valuable tips for shopping in Sri Lanka from Hiren Mansukhani.

shopping in sri lankaTravelling is the best getaway for escaping from the tedium or tensions of daily life. Travelling also helps us to appreciate different facets of nature and global cultures. But sadly, people often tend to think conventionally when it comes to planning for holidays abroad, and tend to mostly pick the most popular or well-known places.

However, there are many underrated, exotic destinations around the world that could be worth the hard earned money derived from working long hours in the office. And one of those destinations is Sri Lanka. A land known for its Buddhist statues, mountains, exotic beaches, and lush green tea gardens.

And apart from the loads of memories, there’ll be much more for you and your family to take back home from Sri Lanka. You must have got it right. Your shopping! The goodies Sri Lanka is famous for!

Economical prices

Sri Lanka is the place where once your stay ends, your bags would be much heavier, but your wallet wouldn’t be very light. That is the speciality of Sri Lanka.
Shopping in Sri Lanka is relatively cheap for tourists, so they can shop around without even spending much. Now what can be better than that for a true shopaholic?

Shop yes, but for what? That is the first question that comes to mind. Well, Sri Lanka is famous for a variety of stuff, like for example, gems, garments, tea, crockery, and imported goods, for since Sri Lanka doesn’t manufacture many things, most of the things in the market are imported. You could also get items like masks, batiks, metal works, marine products, and also designer labels, high street fashion garments, and some technological devices.

Where to shop in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka exports textiles to the U.K and many European Countries, and quite a few of those garments can be found there in the local market itself if you know where to search for them before they get slapped by an inflated U.K. price tag. Head towards Odel’s, situated at Lipton Circus, and 5 Alexandra Place, where you will find three floors with fashionable outfits and western apparels at fixed prices. The variety here is unbelievable. Once you manage to drag yourself away with shopping bags full undoubtedly, without wasting any time, move on to “The House of Fashions” located at 28 Duplication Road which is definitely worth a look.
If you are staying near the coast of Colombo like most other tourists, just call for a cab or talk to your tuc-tuc driver who will drive you right to the door of popular shops, wait till you’re done with your shopping there, and take you to the next one.

If you are in Nuwara Eliya you’ll be surprised by the number of choices for shopping. Undoubtedly, the winter clothes bazaar is a result of some smart observations by the Sri Lankans of shivering tourists travelling from the coasts in T-shirts and shorts, having no knowledge about the significant difference in temperature. Thanks to the easy availability of winter clothes in this part of Sri Lanka, tourists can easily purchase something to wrap themselves in before they freeze.

Larger more established private and government outlets across the island have prices marked on each and every item making it way easier for you to buy them. However, if you browse around antique shops bazaars, craft shops and small shops in towns like Hikkaduwa and Unnawatuna then you will be expected to bargain. You’ll also have to bargain in jewellery stores. You must research the prices before making a purchase. Ask your driver or local friends to give you an idea about the correct price.

Normally, tourists are quoted very high prices, but if you manage to bargain in a friendly manner, the prices will soon come down. Avoid being aggressive since it will offend the seller and will not fetch you a good price. Also, while buying gemstones make sure that you shop where the dealer has acquired a license from the government National Gem and Jewellery Authority.

So if you’re a true shopaholic, head off to Sri Lanka for shopping while you’re enjoying that longed-for tropical holiday. With its picture-postcard palm-fringed beaches, and loads of goods worth buying, Sri Lanka indeed is a wonderful place to go shopping.

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