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No TB test for visiting Britain

Visiting Britain: No TB test for short visits

visiting britainMay 25, 2012: Visa applicants from India were alarmed by the recent announcement by the British Government that visitors from India and some other countries will be required to undergo a TB test. But it has now been clarified that Indians visiting Britain for less than six months do not need to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test.

“This will apply to those who are coming to Britain for over six months,” the British High Commissioner James Bevan said.

He said the British high commission was studying the health testing procedure adopted by the US and other countries before it finalises the doctors and clinics who will be authorized to conduct TB test. He also clarified that Indians visiting Britain had not been singled out. Formerly, only 15 countries were included in this list. But this has now been extended to 67 countries including India and China.

The High Commissioner stated that “75 percent of visa applicants will not be affected by this as they apply for visitors’ visa”.

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  1. I am applying for a UK settlement visa as my husband is there and he is a British citizen. I am a resident of UAE but hold an Indian passport and I am planning to apply for my visa from UAE itself as I am employed here. Can you please tell me if I am still required to undergo any TB scanning?

    • TB scanning is generally not required. But do check this out with the UK High Commission in the UAE.