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Long Haul Flights Part II

Tips for long haul travellers

passengers on a long haul flightUnless you have pre-existing serious ailments, an ultra-long flight need not be too exhausting or troublesome for you. Here are a few tips for long haul flight travellers and a few simple precautions to make the journey more endurable and as pleasant as any other regular flight with a stopover.

  • Exercise your legs: Remaining seated for 16-18 hours at a stretch could not only be very uncomfortable, it could also increase the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots. So get up and move around occasionally when on a long non-stop flight. Walk down the aisle or visit the stretching areas in the plane. Get those leg muscles moving, don’t let them get cramped. Even whilst sitting, exercise your calf muscles by flexing and rotating your ankles every half-hour or so.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids: The dry air circulated in airplanes accelerates the loss of body fluid resulting in dehydration, the main cause of discomfort during long haul flights. So sip water during long haul flights, drinking at least a glassful every one or two hours. You could also have non-caffeinated soft drinks to stay hydrated. In addition, you could even apply moisturizer on your skin and use saline eye drops to prevent dry eyes.
  • Make proper food and drink selections: Foods that are rich in salt, caffeinated drinks, and alcoholic beverages drain water from your body and increase dehydration. So cut them out. Eat small and healthier meals like light sandwiches instead.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing: Low cabin pressure could lead to slight body swelling. So avoid clothing that is tight and feels restrictive when you’re seated or lying down on a long non-stop flight. Wear clothes that are loose enough to accommodate any slight swelling during the flight. Your feet could expand slightly as well. So kick off those shoes when you’re seated.
  • Get some sleep: It’s going to be a long flight. To make it easy to endure the marathon flight, try and sleep for at least half the duration of the journey. Or else, the flight will seem endless, adding to your anxiety. If you’re easily disturbed by background noises, carry earplugs along.
  • Select a proper seat: If possible, try and choose an aisle seat to feel less claustrophobic. Sitting sandwiched between two people for a good 16-18 hours on a long haul flight would make you feel confined and hemmed in. So check out the seating arrangements before booking your ticket.
  • Catch up: You have a rare opportunity of having 16 to 18 uninterrupted hours at your disposal. Remember that bestseller you had been meaning to read for months? Or that movie you always wanted to see? Or all that office work you need to catch up on? So use your flight time to catch up with stuff like this, or anything. Carry along some books or magazines or any work that you need to complete on your laptop. Try to look at ultra-long flights as much needed breaks and use the time to relax. To meditate or even dream.

As long as people take the necessary precautions and do the right things while they’re on those long haul flights, we’ll be hearing less and less of the disturbing incidents we sometimes read about today

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