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Holiday spots of Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood’s holiday destinations

bollywood celebrities maldivesBollywood is known for shooting at interesting locations in India and abroad. And it is a fact that a few places attract tourists only after a film is shot there. Movies like “Dil To Pagal Hai”, “Kaho Na Pyar Hai”, and “Salaam Namaste” put countries like Germany, New Zealand and Australia on a middle-class Indian’s radar. So let’s see what Bollywood celebrities feel about their favorite holiday destinations in India and abroad.

London and New York

Filmmaker Karan Johar does not prefer to go to secluded or quiet places for a holiday. He likes London and enjoyed shooting “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” there. Johar says his love for the UK started when he was a small child and would visit London during his summer holidays. He likes to weaves his films around London or sometimes even other places in the UK. These include the Millennium Centre in Wales, the Blue Water Shopping Complex in Kent, Stowe Public School, St Paul’s Cathedral and the banks of the Thames in London. Karan Johar’s best friend Shah Rukh Khan too likes to spend the summers in London. Johar’s next favorite place is New York where he was stationed for two months during the shooting of “Kal Ho Na Ho”.

The Maldives

According to Saif Ali Khan one of the best holidays he has had was in the Maldives. So much so that he went to the Maldives again with his kids later on. The seclusion and the stunning landscapes of the place have a special appeal for him. A place he enjoyed shooting at was Amsterdam during the shooting of “Hum Tum”. He loved the art galleries there, specially the Rijks Museum and the city as a whole.

Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh

Actor Shreyas Talpade remembers the time when he was shooting in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh for Dor. . He says, “Most of the old palaces in Rajasthan have been converted into hotels. We stayed at a palace resort called Manwar. We also stayed at a palace resort in Pokhran and shot at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, which are simply beautiful. I loved the food there – Dal baati, churma, ganthiya. My wife shopped for colourful kurtas and mojdis for me.”

Bangkok, Goa, and Kerala

Shreyas had shot in Bangkok for his movie “Bombay to Bangkok”. He says he enjoyed eating the seafood there. He says shopping is great in Bangkok, specially for electronics and clothes. When it comes to holidays in India, he and his wife Deepti who is a psychologist love Goa and Kerala. “We loved the backwaters; the greenery is simply beautiful there.”

Actor Aashish Chowdhury’s favorite location in India is but of course Goa as it is so close by and so beautiful and relaxing and “simply de-stressing”. He says, “Abroad I like South of France the best…. it’s a place right out of a fairytale and the places are very pretty like in a storybook”.

Aashish’s advice to tourists is to spend one’s money wisely when one travels and one tip he always follows is cutting down on shopping! “We get most of the things here and what one must really do is sample the local cuisine because that we are not going to get here!”

Pretty Bollywood actress Tulip Joshi loves the cities and areas of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh as “it’s so peaceful and exotic there and Rajasthan is so full of generous people and history.” She adds, “Abroad I love all places in Europe. I love going there specially to places like France and Germany.”

Egypt and scuba diving in Mauritius

Tulip went to Mauritius for her film “Runway” and the experience was fantastic. “I am also a certified scuba diver, so I went deep sea and scuba diving in the seas there! The whole experience of diving into such clear blue waters and reefs was very breathtaking. When it comes to shopping I bought a lot of nice beachwear from there.”

Tulip has also enjoyed a trip to Egypt. She says. “Be it the Great Pyramids of Giza or temple at Abu Simbel, Egypt is a rare combination of historic and scenic beauty. However, what make Egypt one of the most enthralling places in the world to visit are its museums.” Tulip has a word of advice for Indian travellers. “My advice would be to travel as light as possible so that one has space to carry back souvenirs!”

Amsterdam’s Rijks Museum and Ooty

Bollywood actress Bhagyashree’s favorite destination for a holiday is Amsterdam. From traditional to modern art to architecture to special museums for children, the city has over fifty museums, which attract millions of visitors each year. A visit to the Rijks Museum is an unforgettable experience. Bhagyashree says, “The place is simply magnificent. I enjoyed shopping too as clothes there are affordable and one can pick up casuals as well as formals.” She recalls shooting in picturesque Ooty for her first film “Maine Pyaar Kiya” with Salman Khan. “Ooty is breathtakingly beautiful,” she says.

Vancouver and Goa

Whenever actor Akshay Kumar feels like taking a break he likes to go to Goa for a few days or to Canada. He likes places that have scenic beauty as well as great outdoor sports facilities. Vancouver is his favourite place specially a resort called Whistler Four Season Resort that has great golfing and skiing facilities and a scenic location.

So where would you like to holiday?

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  1. Kal Ho Naa Ho was actually shot in Toronto and not New York City although in the film, the story took place in New York.

    • It being too costly to shoot the entire movie in New York City, parts of the film were also shot in Toronto, though the setting of the story is supposed to be NYC. So you’re right about Toronto, but we’re right too about NYC, one of the locations there being the Beth Israel ALS Center.