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Higher studies in Australia for Indians Part I

Studying in Australia

shane warne with indian students in australiaTraditionally, the UK & US have been the top educational hubs for Indian students for pursuing degrees abroad. But since the last decade or so destinations like Australia have caught the fancy of many. So here’s the essential information regarding pursuing higher studies in Australia for Indian students.

Why Australia?

But first let us check out the reasons why studying in Australia is an attractive option for Indians.

  • For starters, Australia is a beautiful country with great weather conditions and a rich cultural diversity.
  • The Australian courses are relatively less expensive when compared to UK or USA degrees. Both living costs and tuition fees in Australia are more affordable.
  • The education system is very organised and similar to the 10+2+3 system we have in India. In addition, the courses have global recognition and offer a more practical approach to studies – a lot of stress being given on lab work and projects.
  • Moreover, based on your interests, academic background and career goals, you are offered a plethora of options. Right from traditional academic areas of learning and research to practical courses with a vocational orientation, Australia covers it all.
  • The Australian education system also places emphasis upon extracurricular activities, which will contribute towards making you more of an all-rounder and more knowledgeable.
  • Students also have ample opportunities to earn and learn. Australia gives you the option of undertaking off-campus part-time work 20hrs a week (pay ranges between A$ 12 to A$ 20 per hour) when sessions are on and more hours during the vacations.

Living expenses and tuition fees in Australia

In terms of total costs, i.e., tuition fees and living expenses, Australia is less expensive as compared to the US or the UK. Living expenses are approximately A$15,000 to 20,000 per year. Tuition fees vary from as low as A$6000 for a 20-week certificate vocational training course to as much as A$ 35,000 p.a. for a medical degree. In general, most full-time degrees and post graduate degrees cost between A$10000 to 20000 per annum.

The cost of on-campus accommodation can range from A$100 a week without meals to A$285 a week or higher with meals. Off-campus shared accommodation could cost you around A$100 and A$200 per week depending on size, location and facilities.

Getting started

Australian educational institutions offer a whole range of courses with diverse specialisations. So give sufficient thought to deciding on which course will be the right one for you. Also, since student visas are only granted to those who seek to undertake a full-time course that is accredited and registered by the Australian Government, make sure you check out the credentials of the educational institution you’re interested in.

Research shows that almost 54 percent of international students choose educational institutions in the Victoria State and its capital Melbourne. But there are excellent options for higher studies across other states as well. Most overseas students in Australia are enrolled in the following courses:
Management Information Systems

If you’re interested in vocational courses in Australia, there’s a wide range to choose from. But make sure you choose an institution with the proper credentials. Accounting, Aviation, Business management, child care, Computer Studies, Graphic Design, Hair and Beauty Therapy, Information Technology (IT), Marketing, Office administration, Secretarial Studies, Travel and Tourism, and Hospitality and Hotel Management are some of the vocational courses in Australia.

In Part II we’ll cover applying for admission and applying for a visa.

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