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Different types of star hotels

Choosing the right hotel

taj mahal palace hotel mumbaiOnce you’ve settled on a holiday destination, the next thing you have to decide is where to stay during your trip. Most people would prefer accommodation at a convenient location, and one that is comfortable as well as economical.

For some, price is not a problem, and they prefer to go in for luxury and deluxe amenities. For some, ambience is important, and for still others a place that comes with a fully equipped kitchen is a more attractive option.

The good thing is that the hospitality industry offers a variety of hotels ranging  from one star to five star and super deluxe hotels to cater to the different preferences of travellers.

Here’s an overview of what’s on offer in the different star-rated hotels so you can choose the right hotel for your next holiday.

One star hotels

These hotels belong to the no-frills variety that offers basic bedding and bathroom facilities. The furniture, décor, etc. may not be of high quality, but is mostly comfortable. Arrangements for meals may or may not be included, but if they are, this could be restricted to breakfast only. And remember in one star hotels you won’t have bell-boys or hotel staff available for carrying your luggage.

Two star hotels

The extra star here is for a proper reception desk and some amount of staff presence. Breakfast could be complimentary, but you will need to pay for other meals. Because of the limited staff, there won’t be room service. Two star hotels are suitable for people with limited budgets but who are travelling with their families and need a reasonably safe place to stay.

Three star hotels

These are better furnished and have restaurants where you could choose to have your meals. Other amenities could include a TV set in the room, direct dial telephone, some room service and other provisions thrown in. Three star hotels are mostly good for business travellers who are travelling for a short period on business. They are also a good option for female travellers who are travelling alone and don’t want the tension of staying at a place where their security could be at risk or their belongings unsafe. Three-star hotels are generally part of a larger chain and have footprints in more than one location.

Four star hotels

The premium variety of hotels starts from here. You can expect larger rooms, better décor, more amenities, better services like availability of porters, 24-hour room service, laundry, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Four star hotels are mostly used by corporate travellers where the company pays for the stay.

Five star hotels

Breakfast served in bed, shoes polished, clothes washed and facilities for getting almost everything done without even lifting a finger are some of the luxuries you can look forward to here.  Other facilities include huge lobbies, round-the-clock room service, swimming pools, gyms, sauna, spas, badminton/tennis courts, beauty salons – the list is endless. The staff in these hotels mostly comprises hotel management graduates from the best schools, well-trained in customer service, crisis management, etc. The clientele that five star hotels cater to include big names from fields of entertainment, business, and sports, and of course, the well-heeled crowd.

Five star deluxe hotels

Called deluxe/ luxury hotels, these cater to the movers and shakers of the world. A private balcony, fully stocked mini-bar, personal masseur, king-sized beds – these are just some of the rare luxuries you can treat yourself to at a five star deluxe hotel. The most well-known brands belonging to this category include the Taj, Hilton, Leela Palace, Grand Hyatt, etc to name a few. Needless to add the tariffs are exorbitant.

Nowadays there are some that claim to be seven-star hotels. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is one such super deluxe hotel. The 54-storeyed beach-side hotel boasts of ferrying its customers in Rolls Royce cars, having royal suites with revolving canopy beds, private mosques, transporting guests to the airport by helicopter and lots more.

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