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Tourist attractions in India

india's taj mahal

Places to see in India Our serene temples, awe-inspiring ancient sculptures in stone, bustling bazaars, the amazing diversity of our multi-cultural population, and our numerous festivals celebrated with gusto have to be seen and experienced. From the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir and the stark beauty of Leh & Ladakh in …

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World’s most beautiful cities

moscow, st. basil's cathedral

¬†Beautiful cities around the world It’s a wonderful world full of amazing natural wonders, stunning man-made structures and of course strikingly beautiful places to visit. There are scores of lovely cities across the globe, and it’s difficult to narrow the list to just twenty. But here’s a list of twenty …

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World’s most popular tourist destinations

eiffel tower in paris

Countries drawing the most number of tourists The tourism industry is booming and people from across the world, including India, are travelling in increasingly larger numbers each year. India has large numbers of foreign visitors each year, but despite its amazing potential, it has yet to catch up with the …

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Tiger Safari in India

protecting the tiger

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve The magnificent tiger, India’s national animal and the pride of Ranthambore National Park is today an endangered species. In the 1970s tiger hunting was officially banned in India. We now have around 44 tiger reserves in the country where these majestic animals are protected under “Project Tiger”. …

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Touring Incredible India

incredible india

Travelling around India India. The fascinating country that has been an enigma to hundreds and thousands of visitors down the centuries. Many first-time visitors today find that India is a multifaceted land, almost like several ‘Indias’ jostling for attention. On the one hand you feel moved by the poverty, but …

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Indian wildlife tour

jungle babbler

Jungles and National Parks of India India’s astounding variety of flora and fauna can be best appreciated in her dense jungles, large tracts of many of which are now protected national parks. A tour of these parks and their surroundings would be greatly satisfying for wildlife lovers and birdwatchers. ¬†Imagine …

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