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Tips for attending a trade fair

itb berlin

How to be a smart trade fair visitor or participant People who attend trade fairs either want to exhibit products worth marketing, find vendors, meet potential customers, or buy inventory. In other words you could attend a trade fair as a participant or a visitor. Participating in a trade show …

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MICE Tourism: Travelling for business

mice business meeting

What is MICE travel? For those new to business travel, the word “MICE” would evoke images of a nocturnal, four-legged pest. But for experienced corporate travellers and those in the tourism business, the term conjures visions of business opportunities and events. Read on to find out more about this business-oriented …

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The Role of Trade Fairs Part I

trade fair india

Business development opportunity In today’s competitive environment, visiting or participating in trade fairs and exhibitions is becoming increasingly necessary to keep abreast of new developments, technological innovations and to establish contacts in countries where one intends doing business. Trade fairs in India and across the world also offer participants and …

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MICE Tourism Part II

mice business convention

Business travellers from India With the burgeoning of Indian enterprise, Indian business persons are becoming more globally aware and are increasingly seeking a presence at trade fairs and conventions across the world. Europe in particular is attracting huge numbers of Indian exhibitors and visitors. Formerly, the restrictions on foreign exchange …

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Trip to Belgium Part II

doing business in belgium

Doing business in Belgium Belgium has traditionally been a thriving marketplace mainly because of its strategic location in the centre of Europe and the ability of its people, businesses and companies to adapt to the needs of the international community. The capital city Brussels is easily accessible by air from …

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