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Travelling Gourmet

Mexican Food

traditional mexican food for indians

Mexican recipes Mexican food is not bland, but has a generous sprinkling of spices, just the way we Indians like it; also, many of the ingredients are similar, e.g., tomatoes, onions, chillies, garlic, etc.; and last but not the least, the key item in a Mexican menu is the Mexican …

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Traditional Kashmiri Food

firni recipe

Cuisine of Kashmir Kashmir, India. The Mughals called it “Paradise on Earth”. People today call it the Indian Switzerland. Showcased in innumerable Hindi films, Kashmir’s legendary landscapes can be instantly identified by Bollywood buffs. But besides all this, Kashmir is also famous for its aromatic and flavourful cuisine. Traditional Kashmiri …

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Traditional Italian Recipes

traditional italian biscotti

Tasty and simple Italian cuisine Generally, non-Italians tend to associate traditional Italian cooking with just two dishes: pizza and pasta. They couldn’t be more wrong. Italy is a beautiful country with so much variety and the wide-ranging classic Italian dishes are only a reflection of the diversity of Italian culture. …

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Belgian food

carrot muffins

Belgian cuisine Belgium has a history of being invaded several times in the past. Celts, Romans, Vikings, the Spanish, Austrians and the French – all of them ruled over the region we now call Belgium. And Belgian food reflects the influences of all of these. Potatoes are a staple for …

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Traditional Goan Food

goan prawn curry

Goan cooking Picture the green groves and beautiful beaches of Goa, and what are you reminded of? Yes, fish, feni and fun. Prettier than a postcard, this tiny Indian state is a hot spot for both domestic and international tourists. Ruled by Hindu and Muslim kings and then for over …

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Traditional Bengali Food

rasmalai bengali sweet

Bengali Cuisine When one thinks of Bengal, one remembers Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, the Durga Puja Festival… and lip-smacking Bengali mithai. As everyone knows, Bengalis are passionate about their staple food – fish and rice. Rice, which enjoys pride of place in the centre of traditional Bengali cooking, is accompanied …

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French Cuisine

french cordon bleu cooking

About French cooking French-Fries and French Toast are relished by food enthusiasts the world over. But there’s more to French cuisine than these two international favourites. French cuisine has a long and varied history and is as diverse as the country, varying from region to region. For instance, regions along …

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Flavours of Greece

traditional greek moussaka

Delightful Greek Cuisine Greek cuisine has been shaped by many factors, one of them being the country’s strategic location as a link between the East and the West. Also, from way back in its history, Greece has been host to migrations and invasions. Consequently, Greek culinary traditions and the flavors …

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