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The impact of terrorism on tourism

impact of terrorism on tourism

The effects of terror attacks on tourism By Kunal Bhatia What comes to mind immediately when one mentions Paris, Brussels or Ankara? Perhaps one may think of stunning monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Brussels’ Grand Place square or the imposing Anitkabir Mausoleum in Ankara. One may also …

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Saving Antarctica for future generations

saving antarctica for future generations

How tourists can help save Antarctica Veena Patwardhan outlines why tourists need to understand the importance of saving Antarctica Antarctica, that remote, icy continent with pristine glaciers and environs, has always fascinated humankind. This unique continent at the South Pole has no human residents except for those working at scientific …

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Holiday Shopping Tips: Part II

macy's new york

Shopping in New York City New York City is a shopper’s dream. Depending on the retail store, the start of the winter sales season can be the day after Christmas or at the beginning of January. Get a bite of the “Big Apple” shopping at the amazing selection of shops …

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Holiday Shopping Tips: Part I

oxford street london

Shopping in London Cutting out shopping from the Indian traveller’s itinerary is like cutting his lifeline to the world. Whenever we return home after a much envied foreign jaunt, the first gleeful words we usually hear from family or friends are “What did you buy?” Let’s face it. Indians love …

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Travelling with children

travelling with children

Family travel on long haul flights When even grown ups sometimes find long haul flights almost intolerable, one can only imagine what the seemingly endless plane journeys can do to the endurance of little children. So here are some tips on keeping your children from getting bored on those long …

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