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Long Haul Flights Part II

passengers on a long haul flight

Tips for long haul travellers Unless you have pre-existing serious ailments, an ultra-long flight need not be too exhausting or troublesome for you. Here are a few tips for long haul flight travellers and a few simple precautions to make the journey more endurable and as pleasant as any other …

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Long Haul Flights Part I

long haul flights

Travelling by long haul flights What should you expect if you’re considering taking a long haul flight? Read on for information on all this and more. First of all, you have to understand that every direct, non-stop flight is not a long haul flight. A direct flight could be any …

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The Palace on Wheels

palace on wheels

Luxury train travel in India The Palace on Wheels has been voted as the fourth best luxurious train in the world.  It is also undoubtedly the last word in luxury train travel in India. Travellers who take a tour of North India on board this train get a first-hand experience …

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Frequent Flyer Programmes Part 2

frequent flyer miles

Different Frequent Flyer Programmes Some Frequent Flyer Programmes have different programs for different parts of the world. For example, Air India’s FFP – Flying Returns, offers four different programs: the India programme; the USA /UK/ Canada programme; the Gulf programme; and the Southeast Asia / Far East programme. In such …

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Frequent Flyer Programmes Part 1

airline frequent flyer miles

What is a Frequent Flyer Programme? A Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP) is a benefit programme offered by airlines to reward people for using their services. It’s a kind of incentive to encourage customers to continue to fly with them. In 1981, American Airlines introduced the first mileage-based FFP in the …

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Travelling with children

travelling with children

Family travel on long haul flights When even grown ups sometimes find long haul flights almost intolerable, one can only imagine what the seemingly endless plane journeys can do to the endurance of little children. So here are some tips on keeping your children from getting bored on those long …

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Having Fun on Cruise Holidays

cruise holiday fun

Holiday on water In the biblical times, God ordered Noah to build a ship big enough to house him, his wife, his three sons and their wives and a male and a female of every species of animal and bird on the planet. The ship was called Noah’s Ark and …

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