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South India Part 1

malabar countryside

The Malabar Coast – Coorg and places in Kerala Most people are familiar with South Kerala. But North Kerala is still relatively a surprise package for tourists looking to visit South India. Specially the Malabar coast. Parts of the coastal areas in Kerala towards the northern part of the coastline, …

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A tour of Hampi India

hampi temple

Hampi – A world heritage site Hampi was the capital city of the Vijayanagar Empire (circa 14th – 16th centuries) in South India. Hampi (a.k.a. Humpi), is the crowning glory of this Empire’s treasures. For almost two centuries, Hampi managed to fight attacks from the Sultanate empires of the North. …

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Trip to Chandigarh, India

chandigarh rock garden

Holiday in the city beautiful The first thing that you’d notice on entering Chandigarh is that it isn’t like any other Indian city, says Kunal Bhatia. There’s no urban sprawl that’s overflowing over the city’s edge, nor are there signs of exploited environs or dense urban settlements. As you approach …

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